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Grem's is a fast growing local hot dog spot in they city. We're a team full of passion for good food without all the bells, whistles, and fluff...just some of them. We're not a microbrew pub with shade grown grass fed cashews, but we do make damn good dogs. We use local product, high quality meats without fillers, condiments without any weird syrups or ingredients you can't pronounce, and we are getting busier every day. 

We like dogs of the sausage and four-legged variety, motorcycles, bicycles (we use bicycle curriers to deliver our food), and not making things more complicated then they have to be. 


You’ll have an interest in food and service. Knowledge around that would be desirable for this role, but a willingness to learn if you don’t is essential. We’ve got all of the tools and can give you all the training, you just need to be excited to learn. The end goal will be to have someone able to work with efficiency, integrity, and patience. 


Availability two day shifts 11am-6pm (flexible) and weekend evenings 5pm-midnight

You can communicate clearly 

Respect safety and hygiene standards

Able to move with a sense of urgency and inspire others to follow

Able to coach and train a team successfully

Food service hygiene and sanitation skills 

Cash handling skills & accuracy 

Current Food Handler's Card or ability to get one within 1 week of hire

Job Type: Full-time

At Grem's we value a diverse team. We encourage all types to join in whether your queer or a transitioning vet, you can find your place with us.


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