We don’t believe in a $2 Hot Dog

Love, care, and attention to detail go into these puppies, they’re not your street vendor’s hot dogs, which in San Francisco, will still put you back $5.

Our sausages are all meat, our produce is all sustainably sourced, and everything is as local as possible. Heck, even our sodas come from Alameda and our milkshakes are made with happy cow Straus Organic soft serve.

Oh the bun! For us, the bun is just as important as the dog. Our buns are baked fresh EVERY SINGLE MORNING. They’re a special blend just for us, it’s San Francisco, so our bun is a half-sour dough. They’re grilled and so soft on the inside.

All of our condiments rely less on sugar and salt and more on, well, flavor. Our sauerkraut doesn’t come in big bags or shelf-stable jars, it’s the real stuff, live and fermented in all it’s probiotic goodness. Our mustards are top notch and our organic chili is hearty, none of that squeeze tube crap.

We also believe in paying our employees above minimum wage in a city where rising rents are a constant struggle.

Where are the condiments?

Did you know you could eat a loaded hot dog without getting it all over the place?

We put the condiments on the bottom and wrap it up like a burrito so when you’re sitting in bridge traffic, you won’t also be trying to scrounge around for napkins to get the mustard off your shit. Genius? We think it’s at least a little cleve.

Do you have vegan options?

Of course we have vegan options! You think we’re new here or something? Beyond Meat sausages come with a veg casing and you can never go wrong with the classic Field Roast

What about GF, keto & paleo?

Because there’s bread in our kitchen we cannot certify anything gluten free. However, if you want to skip the bun, we will happily put your dog on a bed of arugula. Heck, we recommend trying it even if you aren’t gluten or bread-free, and to add some with some chili and kraut…..my mouth is watering already.

Greens on this dog?

It’s baby arugula! Hey, mom told you to eat your veggies and these add just enough pepper and a little extra crunch. It’s a uniquely San Francisco addition. If you want to skip the bun we suggest having your dog on a bed of arugula and extra kraut. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Why Don’t you guys have fries?

We keep it simple and focus on what we love most, really REALLY good sausages. Our kitchen isn’t equipped for the extra production of a frier without interrupting the quality of the rest of our food. Feel free to grab some Kettle Chips if you want something crunchy (ever think about putting it in your dog?)

Who are some of your suppliers?

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